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Wall Nanny Extender
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Nanny Wall Extender for Kids and Pets Some gates are not tall enough to reach the wall that's why we came up with the Nanny Wall Extender, the Nanny Wall Extender adds 2 inches of length to each side of your gate if you add it to both sides The soft rubber backing of the Nanny Wall will protect your walls and panels Base from damage from pressure spindles and prevent gate sliding and falling, Childproof Extended Wall Extender Stand with expandable latch, self-closing shock absorber design, open and close .
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  • set of 4
  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 5 x 4 x 6 cm
  •  MULTI-FUNCTIONAL : The Wall Nanny Extender not ONLY adds 4 Inches in length to baby gates, but also helps protect walls and baseboards from damage caused by the pressure-mounted spindles! The soft rubber backing of the Extender creates traction against the wall thus stabilizing the gate so it doesn't slip and fall down; keeping your loved ones secure.

  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE, CAN FIT ALMOST ANYWHERE!} The new designed pad's compact size allows it to be extremely versatile and secure. It is small enough to fit with almost all walkthrough and retractable gates supported areas in your home such as a staircase or doorway! Can be perfectly mounted in a doorway or areas that can cause harm to your little loved one. reach stretch wide elongate lengthen

  • KEEP YOUR WALLS DAMAGE-FREE , Your child and pet’s and puppy protection are your first priority but your walls need to be protected as well! That’s why our four pack of Wall Nanny Extender's soft rubber backing prevents any scuffs scratches or dings to your wall/trim or doorway from the pressure mounted screws or bolts! Tags floor deluxe multi-use inch outdoor stork innovations walk-thru protect locking step girl shield stork protects toddler toddlers extention partner freestanding adjustable

  • STABILIZES GATE , The soft rubber pad on the wall nanny extender creates friction against the wall, thus stabilizing the gate so it doesn't slip and fall down. sets babygate babygates extended hallways sturdy security proof stairway childproofing supergate wooden dreambaby swing openings chelsea mounting accessories standing latch plastic expandable mountable playard self closing stairways set black opener handle hinge hinges tension portable opening bumpers bumper close open

  • Imported from USA

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Brand Wall Nanny
Imported from USA

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